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    November 3, 2012
    2:05 - 3:00am PDT  

from nbc news this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and it is try day friday, november 2nd, we are so happy you guys are all with us today, getting ready for our quiet weekend, i hope, after everything that everybody's been through. >> but kind of a rock and roll friday night here. >> get it kicked off. >> there's a benefit concert that nbc is putting on tonight at 8:00. matt lauer, it was his idea. >> he's hosting the whole thing. >> it's at 8:00, it's supposed to be across all nbc platforms, and the goal is to raise money for the hurricane victims.
>> through the red cross, right. >> it's called hurricane sandy coming together. >> i love it. we have a lot of great, great acts coming. matt called a lot of these guys, bruce springsteen and the e-street band is going to come and perform. >> he's got these guys on speed dial. john bon jovi. >> willy joel, sting, christinaal lara. -- christina aguilera. >> nbc, msnbc, bravo, g-4, usa. >> wow. >> and streamed. >> gosh, we're big. >> we are humongous. anyway. >> it will be from 8:00 to 9:00 eastern time on the east coast. taped delay again for the west coast. a lot of people are wondering how can they be helpful. you don't want to get all caught up in red tape. this is perfect. get rid of the middle man. call the red cross. just great. >> going to be cool. we read, every now and then, our guy from "the new york times" has interesting things.
in that social cues column. so there was a question from angie, here it is. for nearly eight years, i've been pleasant to my boyfriend's mother when she visits. she's returned the favor by treating me like dirt. when can i throw in the towel and give her a taste of her own medicine? here's what phil says, never. sorry, angie, some folks sow joy wherever they go. for others it's whenever they go. >> focus on departure. be as respectful as you can when she's there. easier said than done. you almost have to prepare yourself, go up and meditate for a half hour before the woman comes. >> it's weird when you meet someone and dislike someone, it's like when you have the chemistry of liking someone right away, there's the same thing when you have a bee in your bonnet, you don't know why. >> there's something that grates on angie when the mother-in-law comes. lots of times, and if people could stop doing this would be wonderful, don't have an agenda when you come to visit. you're in somebody else's home.
you're the guest. don't try to control everything and say we're going to do this, do that, eat this, and do that. >> i do that. i do that, i do. i can't help it, i do. >> little ms. bossy pants. >> i know. you're right. >> that's offensive. you're in my house. >> don't tell me how to cook and clean. >> might be some residual resentment the fact this girl is her son's girlfriend. perhaps she would treat her with a little more respect if they were married. >> they've been girlfriend and boyfriend for eight years. >> obviously, there's a little something happening there too. it's more complicated than it appears. >> anyway, "the wall street journal" had this article and it talked about what kind of people live longer. the kind of people who -- okay. let's pretend you look in your sink and there's stuff in there. >> that would be your sink. >> exactly. scraps, things that didn't get all the way down the drain.
the disposal hadn't gone. >> bowling balls, everything. >> there are people constantly wiping and cleaning things and people who walk by them and go, huh. >> look at that bowling ball in the kitchen sink. >> just move on. >> good news for people who don't care, you live longer than people who do. >> but you make people that care die, because they have to clean it up all the time. think about it, they are exhausted from doing all the things that would be so easy, one little swipe. one little swipe. but no. >> you're right. >> one swipe. think how many people you could make happy. >> you're right. every now and then, and it's rare, but i wake up some mornings, i don't enjoy cleaning, i don't like it, rarely do it, but some mornings i get on a terror. it's unusual with win dex. i light candles and i want everything spit shined. but all the other 13 days every two weeks, i couldn't care about
it. >> you're meticulous about your own hygiene, thank god, i couldn't sit her. you care about that. you care about being nice and clean and fashionable. never seen a speck of food in your teeth ever. >> i just don't pay close attention to the stuff in the sink. i do -- >> what about the stuff in the toilet, do you care about that? >> you are nasty. that is nasty. >> it's a fair question. >> no, it's not a fair question. i clean -- here's my confession, i clean up, and i'm going to say it, i love rose and she cleans my apartment, i clean before she comes. i don't want her to think i'm disgusting. >> you don't want to offend her. >> that's how i roll. >> you tell america that you are. >> exactly. so here's some videos, a lot of kids are, i guess, they've had it with this election day thing. sometimes kids need to remind us to take care of business. students at harlem's democracy prep school sang a song. let's listen. ♪
♪ vote for obama ♪ or vote for romney ♪ it's your civic duty so vote for somebody ♪ ♪ it's called democracy ♪ it's your reminder ♪ vote for obama ♪ or vote for romney ♪ it's your civic duty ♪ vote for somebody . >> cute, adorable. since we're on a musical theme and this is all the highlight of our show. no one will forget. this is so good you have to close your eyes. this is the kind you have to feel. close your eyes. close them tight. i'm going to close mine too. this is one you have to feel. it gets in your system. >> not really. it's like a virus. >> no, it's not. here's a song that i chose specifically because it had a little funk in it, a little rap. and here we go.
let's do it. ♪ that's live. ♪ looking out on the morning rain i used to feel so inspire ed ♪ >> that's our emma jo. ♪ i had to face another day ♪ lord it made me feel so tired ♪ ♪ before the day i met you life was so unkind ♪ ♪ you're the key to my peace of mind ♪ ♪ and you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ oh baby what you done for me
♪ makes me feel so good inside ♪ and i want to be ♪ close to you ♪ you make me feel so alive ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a
natural woman ♪ ♪ natural woman [ applause ] >> roz ryan, everybody. come here, roz. come here. >> oh, my gosh. that's after singing eight shows a week. >> thank you. oh, my gosh! oh, my goodness. >> i'll be right back. this is billy, everybody. >> you are awesome. >> how are you, honey? i don't know you, but god bless ya! >> that was -- oh, my gosh! what a wonderful surprise! >> in case you don't know, she's an outstanding singer on "scandalous," i don't know if we mentioned it.
the girls are unbelievable. they are terrific. >> you guys kept that a secret? oh, so cute! so what's it like, you guys, eight shows a week. we're getting ready to open. >> excited, excited. >> still making changes. >> everybody's ready. >> we're ready to do that. >> well, you guys, so grateful to everybody that's come to see us at "scandalous." keep it coming. see every show on broadway. broadway is suffering right now. >> last night when the curtain went up and i saw all those people -- it was so awesome. >> they were ready to be entertained. >> they were ready. >> they were ready for a story. they knew their own stories so well. >> it's a beautiful show. you guys, i'm honored to work with ladies like you, who are not only amazing talent, sweetest people on the planet. this lady is like our heartbeat back stage. she's earth mother. so come see everybody in "scandalous." thank you, tammie, for doing
that. that makes me cry. i love you guys. see you at rehearsal. god bless you all. wow. >> wasn't that beautiful? >> that really is. we're to the point now where we're all so exhausted too, you know? your emotions are just right on the surface. i love these ladies. >> how about that, how about that? >> thank you, hoda. >> how about tammy and how about those girls? >> they're so wonderful. you get so close to people. there's nothing quite as collaborative. >> bobbie's crying, but we still want to bring bobbie. >> thank you, sweet girl. >> we have to! so to top that, i don't know how to, but i've got some really cool brush stuff for you. if you ever struggled with getting your makeup brushes in the place to go after you use them, this is called the canoe bag. you can store them, but it stands up on its own. >> cute, hoda would never use it, though. and never clean her brushes. >> this is called snap and easy,
it's a cool and pretty thing that lets you snap all your eye pencils or brushes together. to keep them organized. pencils, everything else. >> if you're going to invest in pencils, great protectors for your brushes instead of the plastic things that come with it. they help fight bacteria and keep the shape of the brush when you wash them. >> that's nice. >> clever. >> so this is really important. >> last but not least, urban decay has a new brush that blends so you have air-brushed skin. >> thank you. >> bobbie thomas, flawless as usual. thank you, darling. >> we got to do this for britney. >> she loves this thing apparently. >> vitamins and stuff up here, there's water, you open it -- >> look what happens. then what happens is it keeps the vitamins trapped, i think. >> then you drink it? they go into the water. >> then what happens? >> you drink it! >> all right, hold on. >> i feel better already.
>> all right. thank you, brittney. >> that apparently made her extremely happy, so we're happy to do that. this is dealing with disaster. the best ways to handle stress, hoda woman. is. >> then relax, our guys tell all are here to answer your tantalizing questions. >> and there's edge. we got a lot of "scandalous" going on. 2@
no secret that outside stress like the recent storm can have an impact on your relationships, but when temperatures rise in a tense situation, it's difficult to remain cool and calm. >> dr. gale salks and assistant professor. good to see you guys. >> this storm is done, obviously, it has wreaked havoc among a lot of families, and it's hard to stay calm, because there are real present dangers out there for people. >> people get stressed with real present dangers, people can get stressed because they perceive
things to be concerning, but the problem is for families it feeds on itself. you have to take stock, as they say, put your oxygen mask on first, otherwise, what happens? you fight with your spouse, kids look to you, oh, mom is nervous, must be something to be scared of. >> but part of it is even under the best circumstances, you can control your environment a bit when you've had rest. nobody has slept. no one has had any rest the last four days, or five now. even if you weren't damaged in the storm, you've been out helping your neighbors. every bone sort of aches. >> some people aren't able to sleep because of what's going on and that makes they're them more stressed. but when you're stressed, it can be difficult to sleep. because that's when you worry. time to go to sleep, suddenly every little thing comes into your head. you start worrying about it and that makes it tough to sleep. >> you have to break the cycle. we have a lot of negativity
right now based on the reality that people have lost everything. some people have. >> people have. >> somebody has to break the cycle, family, support group, a friend has to step in and say let's talk about this. it's not just about the loss, but it's about the rebuilding. how do we start putting our lives back together again, so you go out of victim mode, which is totally understandable. >> but you can't stay there. >> now being much more of a victim. >> i met a family, how did you keep your 2-year-old calm, and she said we sang, if you're happy and you know it. because they feel what you're feeling, right? . >> all their signals are from us. >> remodel that behavior. >> now there's additional tension, people trying to board buses when there's not enough room, gas lines running for miles and miles. the perception of am i going to have food or not. may or may not be real. some of these things are obviously stressors. >> survival instinct. when you see people taking things or lining up, it sort of stirs that. it's hard to do, but take a
moment, step back, say i'm okay, you know, even if i'm standing in a line. even if i'm waiting for this, and do some things for yourself physically. because our minds and bodies are so connected. >> like what? >> breathe. >> breathe, slow, deep breathing. muscle relaxation like tightening all your muscles for five seconds and then releasing them for five seconds. >> what about music? something that really -- >> distraction. >> that's why we have people walking around with ipods and so on. i think it's really important now. >> if they can power them. >> but you do have to stay in control of your emotions as much as you can. i was driving by a gas station, you know, three rows deep of cars, people starting to act out, cops coming by and so on. i immediately said to myself and the person sitting next to me, let's be responsible for our own behavior. we don't have to go for the group con take on -- contagion. therefore we'll let other people go before us.
>> the community empowers you so much. >> thanks, guys. >> thanks so much. more stress relief ahead. >> really? >> our guys tell all, answer your burning questions about men. love these guys. >> the gang's all here. lysol believes no toilet is complete, until it's completely clean. lysol toilet bowl cleaner gives you maximum coverage from the rim down to the water line to kill 99.9% of germs. and removes stains better than clorox toilet bowl cleaner with bleach. so if you want to do the whole job, lysol's got you covered. lysol. mission for health. and for an incredibly clean and fresh bowl with every flush, try the no mess automatic toilet bowl cleaner. anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea, gas, bloating? yeah. one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. approved! [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'.
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it is time for our guys tell all panel, who have gathered together to answer burning questions you have about your man. first up, the signature single guy ed watts from this great musical i've heard about it called "scandalous." previews on broadway. next, the editor of billboard magazine, he's been married for seven years. that's a miracle. ben leaf left /* -- levy. comedian rick younger, host of the upcoming web series called true love. he's got a million commercials out. he's married with a toddler. >> last, but not least, divorced and now single bob. bob guiney. he's currently touring with his
band. it should be crimes. >> let's go across the street to ms. sara. >> first up, carrie from tennessee, who's stranded here in new york, but while she's here, she has a question about honesty. >> do you give the honest answer when we ask how do we look in this? >> wow. >> single guy first. >> are you kidding, never! >> hopefully, it's based on honesty. we take your feelings into account. >> we give the answer that's going to help us live one more day. >> that is absolutely correct. my wife is in the fashion business, so she depends on me to give the honest answer, do i look good in this. i've said no and learned a lesson. >> yes, you try to be honest, and it's like still you see the sadness, you can see the heart drop. you know what, that really wasn't worth it. >> that looks great, but you know what would look really good, that other thing. that's how you do it, guys. >> the divorced one told you that. >> take it from the divorced guy! >> okay.
here's a question from bethany. how do i get my guy to leave work at work and come home with a refreshed attitude? >> that's easy, meet him halfway home with a beer. >> or nudity. >> stay home and wait for him butt naked. those are two options. >> how about wrapped in saran wrap? >> i think men are going to find that a lot of work. there's a lot of undoing. >> maybe he works for the saran wrap company. >> says leftovers to me. i don't want it. >> leftovers taste better than the original. >> there you go. >> we are going to go back across the street in a second. we'll come back with our guys tell all panel. first, our local news. >> we have to, hoda.
we're back on this try day friday with more of today and our guys panel. telling you everything you want to know about what's on your man's mind. >> our resident guys are the single ed watts, married guys, joe and rick, and the single and divorced guy bob. let's hook up with sara who's at the nintendo world store with our next question. >> diana from new jersey has a question about first dates. >> should a guy still buy dinner on a first date? >> absolutely. >> yes! >> no questions asked. >> if his mother raised him right, he'll be buying dinner. >> i'd go running if he didn't, running. >> i would, too. terrible. >> here's sharon, she says how do you feel about dating a girl whose parents are divorced? does it make you fear she may not be capable of a long-term relationship? >> good question. >> come on. >> my parents have been married for, like, 75 years, and i'm divorced. it has nothing to do with anything. i don't mean 75 years. >> are they very, very disappointed in it? >> more than even you are in me, i think.
>> i think it's really a matter of what you learn from watching your parents get divorced, you know? sometimes you learn valuable lessons from watching people. . who go through something. >> these days it's hard. >> so common in today's world. 50% of the people you meet are going to come from that kind of background and family. you just can't be that worried about it. >> i can't find a woman that's not divorced, much less her parents. i think it's something you have to get over with and live with. >> you have a lot of trouble finding women, i know. >> back across the street to sara. >> that was good, ed. next up, a marriage question from sally who's here from england. >> hi, the longer you're married, what aspects of your relationship become easier and what aspects of your relationship become more difficult? >> doesn't matter, just keep talking. >> i can easily listen to that all day. >> what do you think, rick? >> i think that one of the things that becomes easier, if you really work on it, is realizing what your mate does
and just figuring out some of the stuff is not worth the fight. like for me it's dishes at my house. i know my wife is watching, but she's not the best dish washer. and at first i would complain, and i try not to complain now. what i do now is -- >> complaining for the green room. we heard about this all morning long. >> what i do, if a dish isn't washed properly, a big hunk of last night's food on it, i just put it back in and wash it. i'm like, you know what, she'll never learn how to be a dish washer. >> not her strength. >> what stuff gets better? >> what stuff gets better? what rick was saying, tolerating each other. honest to god. >> doesn't sound pretty, people. >> after seven years -- >> try it again. >> after seven years, i got to tell you. it gets much easier to talk, to actually communicate with each other. >> and the harder part, she asked a two-prong question. >> i guess the harder part,
also, the two sides of both of those things. >> the damn dishes. >> no, being honest. after awhile, you start to get so comfortable that you speak openly, but then you realize basically our whole dating thing is made up of telling lies. now it's like, wait a minute, now i'm being honest, am i undoing some of the lies? >> definitely something to that. the romance, you got to work at it. you get comfortable. it's really easy to say, you know what i'm going to do, i'm going to sit on the couch. i'm going to sit here all night long. you got to get up and make an effort. >> you'll be the new divorced guy. >> all right, tracy says when is the right time to say i love you? i've been dating a guy for five months. >> never. >> it's one of those things you kind of gauge it. hey, something i want to tell you, is there something you want to tell me? >> should she wait? >> no, no, no.
personally i say if you feel it, say it. but you can't expect something back. >> if she's five months in and not hearing it after another month, move on, honey. it doesn't take six months to figure out how you feel. it just doesn't. >> you say what you feel, then it's up to that other person to do with that what they are going to do with it. if that pushes them away, like you said -- >> has that ever happened to you guys? that's awkward, somebody says i love you. >> i'm going way back. the first time i ever told a woman i love her, i said i let you know, i love you. you don't have to love me back. i'm telling you so you know that, i hope you do. >> what happened? >> you romantic level. >> she loves me. she still loves me now. >> might love you more after that. >> all right, guys, thank you so much. >> we love you guys. thank you so much. we wish they'd come every week. how long is too long to keep things in the fridge? >> get ready to test your knowledge of what to keep and what to toss after that. gecko (clearing throat) thank you, mr. speaker, uh, members of congress.
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if you're one of the unfortunate millions who have lost power, you're going to be opening up your fridge in awhile to figure out what you should keep and what you should toss. there's things you should know. >> today's diet and nutrition editor madeline fernstrom is here to put our lack of knowledge to the test. >> we're ready. >> we're going to have a little true and false. we're going to start with your fridge. if you lose power with your fridge door closed, food is safe to eat for 24 hours, true or false? >> true. >> kathie lee is right, it is false. you cannot keep food in your fridge for 24 hours. >> closed and sealed? >> closed and sealed, if you don't have a thermometer in your refrigerator, after four hours start throwing things away. keep a thermometer, if it stays below 40 degrees -- do you have a thermometer? >> i've got four. >> all right, ready for the next one. >> if your power is out, you should throw away all of your dairy products, milk, butter,
cheese? >> yes, get rid of them. >> if your power is out for what? >> more than five hours. >> i'll say true, too. >> and you are wrong. it's false, only because most of the things have to be thrown away, but butter, hard cheese, processed cheese. in the little ceramic. >> that's different. >> i don't know. >> different can of worms. >> not everything. >> okay. >> now here's another question for your fridge when the power goes out. should you throw away condiments like ketchup and mustard? >> no, never. i leave them out on the counter. >> some people don't even refrigerate them. they are perfectly safe. >> hoda keeps hers in her sink. >> okay, again, you lose your power, you can keep whole fruit, but you should throw out any cut up fruit -- >> or throw up. >> get rid of that, got ya. >> that's the question. >> true, you agree. >> hoda, you going to play this game or amuse yourself over there? >> throw out cut-up stuff. >> right.
>> why is that? because a lot of bacteria can get in. >> that's what we're talking about. >> okay. here's the last one on the fridge. >> what's the tie? what's the score? >> kathie's winning, 3-2. >> leftovers are cooked, right? they are always safe to eat, true or false? good answer. >> i had chinese food. you can only keep them, on or off, two day limit with the fridge on, bacteria grows after awhile. >> two days is it? good to know. all right. >> now we're going to switch to your freezer. >> oh, good. if you lose power but keep the freezer door closed, your food will be safe for 48 hours, two days, true or false? if your freezer is full. >> true. >> it is true. if it's full, two days. half full, one day. >> okay. >> good answer. now here's another one, you can refreeze foods once they've been partially thawed.
so you're thawing them out, can you refreeze it. >> that sounds nasty. i go with false. >> it is true. i see you're home a lot with your refrigerator. and freezer. final question, food with freezer burn, you know what that is? food with freezer burn is spoiled. true or false? >> false. >> looks gnarly, but you can eat it. >> full disclosure, i saw the answers by mistake this morning. >> give me that prize. >> they were sent to me by mistake. they were there! hoda gets the prize. >> colby red. >> the difference is, i would tell you that, hoda wouldn't tell you. all right, one thing you don't have to worry about going bad is your booze. >> i'll drink to that. we're going to whip up crafty cocktails. this requires wearing goggles. >> these are ferocious cocktails.
want to make a creative cocktail that's as incredible to eat as to watch you make it?
>> here with the formula for fun is dave arnold, he's the owner of the bar booker and dax here in new york city. named after your boys, huh? >> they must be so proud to be named after a bar. >> i guess, yeah. >> look at them, they are very cute. tell us why we have gloves and protective glasses on. >> well, we're not allowed to damage the hosts when we go on a show, and we always chill our champagne with liquid nitrogen and want to make sure you don't spill it on yourselves. we're not going to put it in your drink so you needn't worry. the first drink we're going to make is going to be apples. here, spin it. spin. don't do it near me. >> you're good. >> are you sure? >> she's worried about her hair. she sees vapor and she goes crazy. >> this won't freeze your hair, i promise. spin. we're chilling the inside of the glass. we do this -- don't worry about it. >> it doesn't hurt? >> little bit on your skin is okay. i'll give you more, kathie lee. >> yours all went away.
is it supposed to go away? >> it's fine. when you're done, bang. >> what do you mean, bang? >> what? i almost threw the glass. >> that would be bad news. >> put it in your sink and don't wash it for a month. >> now what? >> this is an alcoholic variant of a soda. put it down for one second. what we have here is apples, butter, and vodka. little bit of sugar we've clarified, right, in a centrifuge. we didn't have a real centrifuge. it's trapped downtown. we spin all the butter out, all that's left is the flavor of the apple and butter. >> a lot of work. >> everything's a lot of work. we do it beforehand. we're going to pour it in here. we're going to carbonate it. >> excuse me. just kidding. cabbage. >> normally, we would be able to get it clearer because we'd use a much more powerful centrifuge. >> what is in that?
>> vodka, ples. >> butter that's been clarified so you don't get confused. >> no fat in it, which is good. it's got the flavor of the butter, but it's non-fat. does have the alcohol, though. don't worry about this. >> this is, like, the most unattractive thing in the world you're pouring it into. >> when you have the real centrifuge. >> looks like a nuclear weapon. can we drink the thing? my gosh! >> please, please, please. >> are we going to get our lipstick frozen? >> that's the beauty of the technique. cheers. >> sure. >> it's butter, apple, vodka. that's it. >> wasn't worth it. just kidding. >> she's kidding! >> i'm teasing you. >> what's happening? >> working on a butter soda that's perfectly clear. >> you have a thing with butter. >> butterscotch, a bunch of sodas. like a cream soda, but it's not. that's for kids. we got alcohol, don't worry about it. >> i'm not worried about it. what's he been told?
>> the truth probably. >> this thing looks dangerous. >> this hasn't been plugged in quite long enough so i'm going to have to cheat with a lighter but we'll show you how it works. we have a series of drinks at the bar called red hot poker drinks. >> you do all these drinks at booker and dax? >> yeah. i'm going to have to cheat it now, it's not quite hot enough. >> be careful. >> we're good. got to get used to this guy. so normally at the bar we would plunge the poker in, it's about 1,600 degrees farenheit. it lights the drink on fire. this one is a fall-themed one. you can use your leftover pumpkins, if you have any. do you have any? >> i have about four in my dressing room. >> really? >> no. >> let me see. going to have to go lefty, going to have to switch. >> okay. making us nervous. >> don't be nervous. don't be nervous. i never get burned. normally, this would light by itself and we'd flame it for a good -- >> oh, my gosh! >> don't worry about it. it's not going to hurt you.
>> might hurt you. your face is right next to the flame. >> i do this every day. it's what i do for a living. >> the flames are licking your face, fyi. >> you don't have to shave, do you? >> a bunch of bartenders, we shaved today and are going to grow mustaches for the next month for men's cancer. testicular cancer. >> that's great. >> last time you'll see me clean shaven in a month. >> that's great. >> okay. >> there you have it. >> where's the drink? >> this is the drink. that's tequila. i like that, where's the drink, strong. this might burn me. i'm going to pour it out into this. the pumpkin is in there to give the flavor of the pumpkin into the drink. i would do -- >> smells like something's on fire. >> it was made beforehand. >> hoda, want to try that? >> go ahead. >> i'm going to drink this one, because it's hot as heck. >> how is it, good? >> it's like a hot margarita. >> like a hot margarita. >> okay. it is good. okay. >> here's the one we did
especially for you, kathie, it's tea, honey, lemon, good for the voice, good for the singing voice. this is a drink we serve at the bar, only we don't use honey, we use regular sugar. someone has stolen my ice. it's in there. it's in there. do you like to shake? >> oh, does she like to shake. >> you do one. let me get some liquid nitrogen out to fill the glasses. >> liquid nitrogen? >> shake it, shake it, shake it! >> is it starting to get on your nerves? >> a little, a little. >> you should talk to my wife. got it? >> yes. >> get a little extra. dump those out, you like dumping them out, right? >> i like doing them. >> one, two, three. >> i got it on me. >> all right, now the nice thing about this is we take the tannins out of the tea.
it doesn't taste too tannic. >> i would hope so. what bothers you more than that? >> alcoholic drink, it does. >> spoil the whole thing. we're going to have to wrap this up, dave. science class is over. >> i'm going to drink this. because i didn't make one of those for myself. >> thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> interesting, thanks, sweetie. it's a good thing we've had a few drinks, because -- >> sara is warming up the crowd next door for any question they want to ask us. first, this is "today" on nbc.
it is time for 3, 2, 1 live with sara haines.
she's at the nintendo world store. >> hey, we found our guy, it's ryan from new york. he has a question. >> i'm a refugee from the lower east side. i'm wondering if you could be a star in any tv show besides your own, what would it be? >> well, that's a good -- "smash." >> you would? >> love it. sing for us. >> i couldn't possibly -- >> beautiful. ♪ thanks for asking >> he's adorable. i think i'd do a "law and order" thing. i love them so much i have them memorized. i know the lines. it would be easy. >> thank you, guys. >> thank you, sweetie. on monday, singer christina aguilera is going to join us. >> actor/comedian kevin pollack. fall fashion. it's definitely going to warm you up because we need it. >> and the latest hollywood buzz. >> have an awesome weekend, i'll see you at "scandalous" all weekend long. take care of your neighbors, bye-bye.